About Us

Released in 2016, Opporty has since evolved from a small smart social networking platform, to a blockchain-powered business relationships ecosystem and marketplace.

Opporty’s mission is to become a global business marketplace and an expertise validation provider on the Blockchain, with a solution that establishes and grows trusted and reliable business relationships.

Opporty creates a secure trustworthy environment, where companies can process business transactions anonymously, and conduct business operations without relying on banks and courts when issues arise.

This is achieved through the implementation of blockchain, reinforced with features of scoring and alternative dispute resolution.

How Opporty Works

Opporty allows businesses to execute safe, secure and private transactions on the blockchain.

The platform offers unlimited possibilities for making requests, submitting offers, and selecting providers and suppliers, offering the protection of decentralized escrow.

Opporty establishes trust with its scoring mechanism, standardizes procedures with smart contracts, and rewards users for contributing to community development.

Why Opporty?

  • Fast, private, cost-efficient and secure transactions
  • Trusted and transparent B2B ecosystem
  • One of a kind business scoring and identity solution
  • Arbitration protected transactions
  • Smart contract protected solutions
  • Gamification based rewards system

For Individual Users

  • A  huge database of suppliers from all over the world
  • Ability to submit requests
  • Quick service orders
  • Safe and secure deal execution
  • Verified service providers
  • Fast and fair dispute resolution
  • Service providers offering free consultation
  • Marketplace Blog with unique in-depth content

For Business

  • Additional source of clients
  • Entry into the crypto-market
  • Safe and secure deal execution
  • Cost-efficient charges for transactions
  • Conduct business internationally
  • Reinforce brand reputation
  • Protected transactions
  • Transaction anonymity and privacy


Opporty For New Business

New business faces competition from established companies, and often lack sufficient funds for promotion.

Opporty’s B2B marketplace provides favorable terms for newly registered small and medium enterprises through its incentivized mechanisms, giving them a competitive edge.

Opporty For Faster Transactions

Companies conducting business need both domestic and international transactions to be processed and handled quickly.

Traditional bank transfers take from one to five business days, which can significantly slow down business processes.

Opporty resolves this issue by implementing Plasma Cash protocol, which can potentially handle up to a billion transactions per second.

Opporty For Trustworthy Transactions

Counterparties conducting business transactions often distrust each other. It is not easy to validate a company’s trustworthiness, since reviews are often fabricated.

When issues arise, companies face lengthy and expensive dispute resolution, which leads to the loss of actual and potential revenue.

Opporty resolves this issue by providing businesses with a decentralized escrow mechanism, and by validating trustworthiness through the analysis of transaction metadata, to assign industry-specific business scores to all network participants.

Opporty For Anonymous Transactions

In traditional blockchain solutions, all counterparty data remains visible to third parties. However, business transactions often require privacy, where data is inaccessible to third parties.

We have enhanced our blockchain technology by implementing Plasma Cash protocol, which allows transaction-specific data to be revealed to the counterparties, while keeping it private and anonymous to network participants.

Opporty’s Three Layers

Opporty consists of three fundamental layers:

1.Protocol (Infrastructure layer)

Proof-of-Expertise (PoE) protocol consists of a Business Digital ID and privately stored transaction metadata, designed to process business transactions quickly and untraceably.

2.Scoring (Data layer)

Scoring allows users to earn a trust score based on successful transactions. The system analyzes transaction metadata to assign individual scores to all network participants who conduct transactions.

3.Marketplace (Application layer)

The marketplace platform enables service providers to find potential clients quickly. Users can post offers and requests, build a brand reputation, execute transactions, resolve arising issues with Opporty’s built-in decentralized escrow mechanism, and receive rewards for contributing to community development.